Monday, September 14, 2009


Rain set the tone for this weekend. 

It started late Friday night and lasted for a couple of hours. By the time I woke up on Saturday it had stopped, but the puddles remained. 

Off to my riding lesson at the new barn, Horizons East. The stable is located in Livermore, which is always around 20 degrees warmer than Oakland, so by the time I arrived the sun was peeking out. I had a wonderful time. 

Paul picked up Currylicious for lunch (a late one as I didn't get home until 3) and we agreed with the recommendation that this was excellent Indian. 

Then Paul had a revelation! Since we have been watching our Netflix movies on my computer, why not take advantage of the "Instant" movies that the company offers? We spent the rest of the evening watching Weeds. 

I managed not to do a single thing on Sunday. By the time we decided to get out of the cottage, rain was moving back our way. 

It started off with a few sprinkles and Paul suggested we open a bottle of wine. 

                            a few drops on my wineglass

And rain it did.....

So Paul and I relaxed to wait it out
but it never stopped.... in fact it started thundering!
I guess we did accomplish something- season 2 of Weeds