Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Grandma at 26?

Paul and I were sitting at the BART station yesterday and two girls with ratty multicolored hair, large black boots, and fishnets sat down next to us. They pulled out a phone, started playing thumping music, and began banging their heads and waving their hands in unison. When I stood up to take a look around, I noticed a gaggle of girls who looked like they were on their way to to pool. Then I realized that the sequined, spandex, shiny bottoms were in fact shorts. 

Turns out- all of these oddly dressed people were going to Lovefest!
2009 San Francisco Love Fest by

I looked down at my cotton, hunter green, jcrew shorts and felt old. I might have called myself a Grandma- which led to a lot of teasing from Paul. 

(this photo was taken from Lovefest '09- and not by me)

There was a time not so long ago that I would have put on my tutu (or cow costume).....
but I found that I was perfectly content to hang with Paul and listen to music at the Bluegrass Festival


it was so crowded!
It started to get dark....

so we walked to a Senegalese restaurant for supper.