Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hazardous Hiking

Paul's coworker has a spreadsheet that comprises all of her hikes in order of favorite (she has five different hiking attributes that determine this).
Purisma Creek is at the top and after hiking it this Saturday, I can understand why. 

The best part of the 7mi hike is the toe-path that leads through Soda Gulch, which starts at around the 2.3mi marker. Sadly we missed the turnoff for the Gulch and ended up hiking 4 mi out of our way. 

4.5 hours and 11 miles. 

It reminds me of an ill fated canoe ride for Paul's 28th birthday that kept us in a slowly submerging "submarine" for 8 hours. 
If you can't see, Paul is pointing to the 3.9 mi. Why is he smiling? We should have stopped at 2.3!
Finally back to the spot that we should have turned you see Soda Gulch on that sign- cause I don't!

Beautiful Redwoods

At the top
I do have a picture of Paul's rear after he fell down in the dirt, but I won't post it, because after an equally embarrassing photo-op gone terribly wrong (i.e. me coming very close to tripping over the edge of the cliff), I no longer think that falling down is funny.