Sunday, October 11, 2009


events of the weekend:

* my bike was stolen! i parked it at BART in the morning, and when i got off the train that evening it wasn't there. i spent a few minutes being very confused. and then sad. i hope the person that stole it feels bad, but i know they probably don't. i bet they'll feel bad when they get caught. shame on them. 

* linus is secure in his role of "king of the cottage." he is a bit of a biter (play bites only) and i cannot get him to stop. if paul is bitten, he will hold linus down by the scruff of his neck to assert authority. linus does not bite paul anymore. i tried to hold him down on saturday and it only enraged him further. 
surveying his minions (me)

     linus being angry                  scary linus

after the showdown, paul launched into a monologue speaking as if he was linus, suggesting that i feed him treats all the time. 
and if to prove his point, linus gave me a swat on the head with his paw. maybe you had to be there. 

* purple pepper pizza with extra cheese and sauce. super fun. Labyrinth. not so fun.

* farmers market sunday morning. fresh flowers, artisan garlic bread, one yellow squash, apple cider. 

* hiking at half moon bay. gorgeous views of the pacific- feels like you are in a movie. amazing 6mi hike. beautiful redwoods. tried to find wannabe raspberries and wild strawberries but must be out of season. no mountain lions. 

* tasty dinner at flying fish. fresh fish is so yummy. 

              Douglas Firs

                                              paul by a redwood

        tall redwoods