Monday, November 9, 2009

Christmas in November

I can't help but feel a little snarky tonight. I wanted to come home and relax, and was instead met by calamities left and right.

I walked past Borders on the way to the gym and saw rows of little Christmas trees. Did someone miss the memo that Christmas is not in November? I can understand a store that sells Christmas decorations to be decorated for the holiday (I forgive you Target), but this is a bookstore. 

Then I thought about my sisters and how much they love Christmas. I mean really love it. 

Then I thought about how easy it was to buy Christmas gifts in Phoenix. A little turquoise with some cacti decals thrown in and the crowds went wild. 
I do enjoy getting gifts for family and friends that are native to the area that I live- however I am having trouble with California. It's not as obvious. 
So please submit your Christmas lists. If you respond with "I don't want anything" you are going to get a big bag of these.....