Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Weight a Minute

Paul and I are going head to head in a weight loss challenge. We each have a goal weight that we are trying to reach by Nov 23rd. Whoever goes the furthest over their goal weight is the grand winner. The grand winner is treated by the non-grand winner to Chez Panisse. As long as the non-grand winner hits their target weight, they get a consolation prize. 
We started the competition on Sunday night with our first weigh-in to get an accurate starting weight. 
We hopped on the scale last night to see if anything had happened in the 24 hrs since we'd last checked. According to the torture object, we weighted the exact same amount. Not the same as the night before- but the same as each other. To the tenth of a pound. Believe me- we hopped on and off that thing until I threatened to break it and Paul changed the batteries. 
It's not going to make for a very conclusive grand finale weigh in on the 23rd. 

But maybe we can go Dutch at dinner?