Wednesday, November 18, 2009

You eat the worm!

My big dilemma of the week. When to go to the grocery store. 
We have a potluck on Friday at work. I volunteered Paul's famous 7 layer dip. He said he would teach me how to make it. I just had to get the ingredients. Tonight I had a work function. Tequila shots at 4:45. I promised myself I would go to the store tonight, as I'm riding tomorrow and won't get home until 9.... and then I have to make the dip. 

I came home and kissed Paul hello. I grabbed my book bag to head to the store and he asked for a Rootbeer. I grabbed it and kissed him goodbye. He asked me to take the Rootbeer back to the fridge. I sighed and said, "Sure." 

As I opened the front door, he came running out of the bedroom and told me to look over by the fridge. There, on the counter, were all the making of fantastic 7 laver dip. 

How did I get so lucky? 
I have a feeling we're about to go all Dwight and Andy on each other for all you Office fans.