Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I Want My Teddy

Scene: Walking to the BART station after the gym. Walking quickly and speaking to Paul on my cellphone. 

P: Did you order anything from Amazon?
E: No. I don't think so. Why?
P: A big package from Amazon came today. It's addressed to both of us. 
E: Hooray! I bet it's a Christmas present- don't open it until I get home. 
P: Too late, I already did. 
E: Why would you do that? I love opening packages! What was in it?
P: A big stuffed animal. 
E: What kind of stuffed animal? Was there a card? A return address?
P: A stuffed Bear, and it doesn't say who it's from. I hope it's not a bomb. 
E: Weird. Well if you're not exploded by the time I get home we can cut it open with scissors and see what's inside. 

Setting: Just walked in the door, anticipating a welcome by a creepy teddy bear. 

It's a coffee pot. In an unopened box.
Who thinks of these things?