Friday, January 15, 2010

Miracle on Claremont Ave.

What's on Claremont? The DMV. That's right, there was a miracle at the DMV. The place where most people have their hopes and dreams crushed. I imagine many people leave crying. 
I was almost standing amongst those sorry souls waiting for their number. Waiting. But right inside that drab, dismal DMV, the heavens opened, angels sang, and I got my car registered in California. 
Can you believe that the DMV suggests that you make an appointment? It's true. And if that's any indication of the kind of traffic that places gets, then I should have known that 40 minutes was NOT enough time to get my car inspected before my 3:40 time slot. Shame. 
As the clock inched closer, I went inside to see what could be done. I was handed a number and told that if it was called before my inspection was complete, I was out of luck. Read- stand in line with the other commoners. Come on California- I'm trying to give you money!
Still no inspection. And no inspectors for that matter.
After an angry mob started to form, the DMV conceded and sent out someone with a clipboard. Luckily I was first in line. Exactly one hour and ten minutes (I was the 3rd car in line for inspection when I pulled in at 3:06) later, my car was deemed acceptable, and I was told to go back into line and get a new number. 
I looked up at the screen which showed the numbers as they were being called. Squinted. A038. Looked at my original ticket (from my first stint in line). Could it be? I was A039. Then I heard over the load speakers, "A039, Window 12." 
That's what I call miraculous.