Saturday, January 9, 2010

No Pants!

The 9th Annual No Pants! Subway Ride will take place on Sunday, January 10th in San Francisco. The whole point to is ride BART without any pants (wear interesting undies and colorful socks) but to act completely normal.
In the past everyone boarded at 16th and Mission, but this year the No Pants ride will start spread things out with everyone boarding the same train at the stop of their choice along the Pittsburg/Bay Point line coming from San Bruno and ending at Embarcadero Station. Everyone will then hop on a Muni Metro line for phase II.

Pittsburg/Bay Point BART Train Times: Board the train at any station below at the corresponding time  -
Sunday, January 10, 2010
1:47 San Bruno
1:51 South San Francisco
1:54 Colma
1:58 Daly City
2:01 Balboa Park<-Last names that start with A-H
2:04 Glen Park
2:07 24th & mission<-Last names that start with I-P
2:09 16th & mission
2:11 Civic Center<-last names that start with Q-Z
2:13 Powell
2:14 Montgomery
2:16 Embarcadero <—we all exit
After you exit on embarcadero, you will proceed to MUNI and go from there. The goal is to be by MUNI by 2:30 After this the adventure will begin.
Cost: Free, but bring Muni and BART fare
Attire: No pants! But wear interesting socks and undergarments and comfortable shoes.
This is a DIY sort of event, so details might fluctuate.
 Hmmmmmm. Which station should we get on at?