Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Unless the entire day can be spend eating cake and watching movies, rain is utterly miserable. And rained it has, since last Sunday. Every day. You would think that since I hail from the Midwest, I should embrace the rain with the reasoning that, "at least it's not snow." Maybe I'm just trying to fit in. All the girls in San Francisco have broken out their best Wellies, while I clod around in my Uggs (which frankly have seen better days). Grumbling about the rain reminds be to pop open my umbrella the minute I step off the train to avoid a single drop splashing on me, rather than the "grin and bear it" attitude I had over yonder. 
But enough frivolities....

There was a hostage situation two nights ago in the Walgreens down the street from us. Just a couple of blocks away. Around 1:30am, an armed gunman held up store employees, then tried to escape out the back, and was shot by police. An office was wounded in the gunfire. Yikes! 
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