Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Felix Felicis

I must have taken a vial of Felix Felicis on Friday because I had some luck. I had been eyeing the Glamour magazine in the neighbor's mailbox for the past two days. I was planning on giving her three before I snatched it for myself. She's the new gal on the block, but still- you snooze, you lose. Anyway- so I wandered past Friday evening and a lightbulb went on....
I checked the mailing address on the mag and sure enough- it was addressed to the old neighbor! Mine! 
Then when I walked in the door there was a new Harper's Bazaar waiting for me on the table. That's enough fashion to keep be busy for a whole weekend!

For appetizers we walked up to the corner of our street and College Avenue and munched at Oliveto, a delicious restaurant that employs a similar technique to Chez Panisse. I can't even pronounce the three small plates that we shared, but I would describe them as decadent. 

I did complain to Paul however, that I miss the food in Indianapolis. Perhaps my expectations were set too high out here in California. I miss Bazbeaux Pizza, Indian Garden, Mama Carrollas. I may have been saying such as we sat down for dinner at a local Thai restaurant, Pearl of Siam. 

I certainly did say, 
"Wouldn't it be wonderful if this was as good as Siam Square?" 
It was better! 
Lucky me!