Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Grand Prix Dreams

I made the very adult decision on Thursday night not to continue with my half lease of Hero (the horse). It's back to riding whoever is available at the barn. Tonight I hopped on Moy Glare, my trainer's retired (24 years old) Grand Prix horse. A Grand Prix is basically a race. Whoever gets around the course of jumps the fastest, and with the fewest faults (jump rails knocked over), wins. The prize money at the Prix attracts the best riders from around the country. 

Trader's Point Hunt Charity (the last show Luke and I attended in Indianapolis), held a $60,000 Grand Prix. I was lucky enough to watch, and saw several Olympic riders who had traveled in with their 2nd string horses, as well as many other well known characters. 
This is not Moy Glare, nor Trader's Point- but it gives a good sample fence. 
Needless to say, I won't be jumping Glare over anything this big. But I have a feeling he still has a little spark from his glory days!