Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dear Paul

I hope that you're having so much fun in Vegas, but it's lonely here without you. Trader Joe's was empty tonight, I think it was because of all the basketball. I bet you're not going to want to watch another game for awhile by the time you get home!
I had hoped to do lots of lady things this weekend, like get a pedicure and go shopping, but I ended up spending 90% of my time at the barn. I think I might have actually gotten a little suntan! It was nice to spend all that time outdoors. 
After tonight I will finally be caught up on Gossip Girl, which I know you'll be pleased about. Maybe we can go to a movie sometime this week. Or even get a game of tennis in. 
I made a pizza from TJ's tonight, but I am missing our Sunday night dinners and back scratches. 
I think I'm going to go to bed early and read. The bed seems HUGE without you, but I know that Linus has enjoyed taking your spot. 
Come home soon!