Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Getting our Greens

My bestie, Jade, is a pilot. One of the most relaxing flights I've ever been on was when the two of us flew from San Francisco to Long Beach. Comfortable because I know if anything went wrong, Jade would jump into the cockpit and take over. Or at least tell me to duck and cover.
She was in town last week training a few pilots, so we made plans to meet up for dinner in Palo Alto. P.F. Changs was the restaurant of choice for the evening. We haven't been in forever. Also, they have the best lettuce wraps.
We had a quick drink at the bar and then sat and ordered dinner- Beef Lo Mien for me (that's the only dish I've ever ordered there) and General Tso's Chicken for her.
The lettuce wraps didn't come out until after we received our entrees, but we ate them anyway because they're so good. Seriously.
Apparently Jade hates lettuce. Something about the texture. She said that she was getting her "greens" from our appetizer (dessert?). I pointed out that you can't say that you're getting your "greens" from lettuce wraps when you eat them once every 3 years. She agreed.
Also, neither Jade or I has ever even tried cottage cheese. What? It's gross.