Monday, April 26, 2010

Who's the Bad Influence Now?

A little girl and her pony came riding past as I scrambled up onto Glare. She stopped, gave us a once-over with her eyes coming to rest on my feet, and said, "I thought we weren't allowed to wear sneakers."

First thought: How old is this girl? Did she actually read the latest barn newsletter which specifically forbids flip flops and sneakers while riding?
Second thought: At least I'm wearing a helmet. Go me!
Third thought: Thank God she didn't notice that Glare's just wearing a halter with two lead ropes clipped to the side and no saddle. A disaster waiting to happen.

I replied, "You should always wear boots when riding. I'm a bad girl."

Then the Mom, who was trailing behind, piped in with her two cents. "It's alright, I always used to ride barefoot!"
Really Mom?