Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Golden Girls

I found my last week to be much like an episode of the Golden Girls, except without the humor. Sore joints, stiff ankles, aching backs. 
I was in charge of the geriatric ward at the barn while everyone else was whooping it up at a  horse show in Sonoma. Wine country! The injustice!
In addition to the usual suspect, I also had poor Phiness (21 yrs old), a mare who contracted some sort of fungus at Starr Vaughn and has loads of swelling in her ankles. I like to refer to them as cankles. I rode her once, and she was limping so badly I just hand walked her the other days. With just the crickets and I making a showing, both horses leap about 10 feet in the air every time they saw a cat. Or a rock. 
Glare and I did see a snake. We were walking to the upper area, and there it was, coiled up next to Peggy's house. A big fat bluish monster with yellow eyes. What a fright! Glare didn't seem the least bit concerned, and I watched it closely to see if it was breathing. Finally we continued on, figuring a real problem would emerge when we came back down and found it gone. 
The snake was in the same position that I'd left it, I'm not sure what exactly it was meant to deter- but I think it was fake.