Sunday, May 9, 2010

A "Stroll"

Paul finally got me out of the house today by suggesting a walk on a path he had discovered last week a short distance from our house. I was perfectly content to sit at home after a two day horse show, but the weather was beautiful, and a quick walk didn't sound too bad. 
It was a 700ft. vertical climb. 
The climb was divided into about 3 legs. The first leg had a great place to stop and rest, a tree swing, and a hand crafted lean to shelter. 
The top of the second leg had some great unobstructed views of Berkeley Hills homes, Lake Merritt, and of course SF. 

Third leg was by far the steepest, and did not have a view at the top, but at least there was the satisfaction of knowing that you made it (then the slight nausea as you realize you have to get back down- I slipped and fell on my rear).