Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Woot Woot

Paul got his Q Clearance today! That means that he's privy to top government secrets. Top secret stuff. Like bombs. And earthquakes. Submarines. Kismet? (I actually don't know about the bombs, but the other stuff- for sure).
What does this mean to me? Because after all, it is all about me.....
- He can keep his job. Woot!
I keep seeing this "Woot" on peoples Facebook statuses- which is, by the way, the correct use of the plural "status" - and I can't figure out how to actually say the word. As in speak it out loud. Try it. It's awkward.
- He can no longer tell me about his work. What he's working on. Basically nothing. Except maybe what he had for lunch.
This could potentially be a disaster. I have to know all secrets. I really love secrets. I might find it difficult not to be told secrets. I may have to use war tactics to get secrets from Paul.....
But, my eyes glaze over after about 5 minutes into a discussion about Paul's current project/s. Perhaps this really is a blessing in disguise.