Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Brooch Bouquet: A Follow Up

I was certainly not wearing my battle armor when I sat down to write about my weekend in Chicago. But that was before I realized I was being outbid. On ebay. For a cat pin. 

This is not my first foray into ebay shopping. Back in college, I purchased one pair of Asics, just to see if ebay actually worked. They weren't used, but new in box, and the seller had multiple pairs available for purchase. 

As it turns out, ebay is the perfect place to score cheap pins. Unless of course, your opponent is trying to squeeze you out moments before the end of the auction. That's how you end up paying $9. It was thrilling, hitting refresh over and over as the last seconds counted down. I won!
Paul laughed at me for awhile. I now have two cat pins going into the bouquet. Think flowers, Emily. Ignore the cats!