Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Pal Al

Al and I both worked at the Purdue Exponent. He had a great apartment above Boiler Market and across the street from the campus bars. Al knew how to throw a great party and I'd often find myself mingling with hipsters old and new before meeting up with the usual gang.
We both graduated (amazingly enough) and lost touch, but every year I got a message from him on Sept. 2nd. Why? Because we have the same birthday!
Other fun facts about Al.....
He lives in San Francisco
His identical twin brother is named Doug
Vehicle of choice is a motorcyle on which he recently had a crash which dislocated his shoulder
He's a Standup Comedian

I hijacked this photo off of Facebook. That's Al.
We met for a quick cocktail this evening and he showed me the iphone app that took the great photo above. 
It's wonderful to reconnect with old friends and now I have a personal tour guide to all the greatest spots in San Francisco!