Sunday, June 27, 2010


Paul and I got a sailboat this week. It's actually called "Island Dreamer," but I think we should name it Scallywag. Never mind that Scallywag originated from ANOTHER boat Paul looked at but didn't buy. It's common Pirate slang.
The boat was harbored in Antioch Marina and needed to be sailed to its new port- Berkeley Marina. The trip totaled about 10 hours so Captain Paul enlisted his friend, Tom, to act as second in command. Mostly because the usual second knew that she would not step foot back onto the sailboat ever again after such a long trip. And also she was salty that she was no longer el Capitan. 
This is Tom. He has never sailed before. 
Faced with rough waves and altercations with the U.S. Navy, Paul and Tom made it about half way through the journey before engine trouble forced them to dock at Benicia Marina. Yes, it's a Sailboat.