Sunday, July 25, 2010

From the Moment I Laid Eyes on Her.....

I don't shop all the time. I just THINK about shopping all the time. I only act on my desires SOMETIMES. On Friday afternoon, when I was equidistant from the gym and J Crew, I thought I should call an unbiased party to aid in my decision making process. Nicole said, "Emily- you are an idiot. Go the J Crew. Duh." That settled that. 
While I was in the general vicinity of a Nordstrom Semi-Annual Sale I figured that I should check and see if they have any fabulous dresses for my upcoming Bachelorette Party. Because that's what having a wedding is all about. Getting loads of new dresses. Right? I shoved my way through the masses and past the horrible polyester patterned "are we all 12 years old?" outfits until I reached the cool, calm realm of Theory, Kate Spade, Trina Turk. Sigh. It was fate I tell you. On the sale rack, one lone Nanette Lepore. Hot pink. Heavy, textured cotton. Classic silhouette. My size? Check (also sad). On sale for over 50% off? Check.
Perfect for my celebration? Yes Yes Yes!
Obviously my legs are not this long. But you get the general idea. HOT PINK!