Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Farmers Market

Our Saturday morning plan was to grab a fresh breakfast at the HUGE Farmers Market right across the street from the apartment. We had to get up early to beat the stroller crowd and of course my eyes popped open at 6:30am. So then I just stared creepily at everyone until they woke up. Nicole had a crepe, Ivy and Jade had a breakfast sandwich with goat cheese, and I had a smoothie made with raspberries, peaches, a dash of cider, and ice. All of the dishes were made with ingredients that you could find browsing the stands at the market.
In addition to telling long-winded stories and being able to accurately depict the most complex of spray tans, Nicole can also choose some wicked good ears of corn. She opened every single one.

We picked up some goodies to compliment the Summer Butter that was already in the fridge from the market the week before. A big block of cheddar (amazing cheese stand- Nicole got a cheese that could be grilled without melting- although I think that cheese should melt which makes me feel a little odd about N's cheese), some juicy peaches, and a baguette (which everyone felt a little sad about once we ate the entire thing in a matter of minutes).