Monday, August 16, 2010

Resting Up

Dee (Paul's Mom) was in town for the weekend. She swung up to NorCal after visiting with Laura and Sergio in SoCal and spent the weekend with us. She entertains us with tales of how many activities she and Laura are able to accomplish in their time together, and how busy the Sidermans are. Never one to be outdone (though with two small boys and their various sports, we have nothing on Laura and Serg), I pepper conversations with things like:
Paul and I are sooooooo busy. Like beavers. Or bees. Not a spare moment to be had. We just go go go. 
As if to prove my point, I managed to fall asleep for most of the 40 minute drive back from Sausalito. When Paul and Dee stopped for coffee Pete's, I purposely ordered a fancy coffee knowing that the Baristas take forever, and stretched out across the backseat to continue my nap. Coffee in hand, I was dropped off at the house to do what? Continue sleeping while they went grocery shopping. 
I like to call it Resting Up for the Week.