Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday October 17th

Our travel morning got off the a bit of a rocky start with a standoff between the Hawaiian Air Check-In manager and our very own Paul. We had decided to check a few bags to avoid trucking them on our Honolulu flight and then on our flight to Kauai. We put all of the liquids in Paul's backpack and I checked my duffel. While Paul's duffel met the weight requirement for a carryon, apparently he could not get it in and out of the "size test" compartment fast enough to suit their tastes. He almost didn't get it out at all when it got stuck and an employee had to lend a hand. The Manager wanted Paul the check the duffel and carry on the book bag. She said the duffel "wasn't in compliance." Paul said, "Define compliance." And then a stare down. 
We checked the book bag. 
Once in Kauai, we headed up to the Northern Shore hoping to find a place to stay in Hanalei. We soon learned that trying to find an open cottage on a Sunday is next impossible. As luck would have it, we managed to snag a beach cottage right in the heart of the town. Some sun time at Haena Beach. While I shopped for souvenirs, Paul fixed us a nice fish supper- complete with locally grown beans and fresh cookies!