Thursday, December 16, 2010


When we first moved out here a little over a year ago I was tasked with unpacking most of our boxes. Before I got started I double checked with Paul that he had cleaned all of his kitchen appliances. Nothing is worse than unpacking and THEN cleaning. 

He assured me that he had cleaned everything. I took him at his word until I pulled out the microwave and opened the door. That thing was easily from the early nineties and looked like it hadn't been cleaned in a decade. Nasty was probably the best way to describe it. And Paul wonders why I'm so weird now about making sure to wipe it down after use. 

Even all clean and shiny, it takes a good 4 minutes to boil a cup of water. Forget trying to defrost. 
So we did the most logical thing. Forgot to put a new microwave on the wedding registry. 

Luckily Dee pulled through in a big way for Christmas.