Sunday, December 26, 2010

Missouri for the Holidays

We had a bit of a rocky start trying to get to Missouri for Christmas. Mechanical issues on the plane (something you never want to hear) delayed us from leaving San Francisco for almost four hours. Luckily our gate had both a Body Shop and See's Candy within spitting distance. Laden down with Vanilla and Butterscotch Lollies and smelling like some sort of perfume laboratory gone awry, with hints of coconut and cranberry we were finally underway to Denver with no hope of reaching Missouri that evening. 
 Luckily the airline put us up at the Holiday Inn so we had somewhere to spend the approximately 5 hours that we spent in Denver. 
So instead of having a chance to explore. 
 I only remember this....
the airport. 
But I'd never been to Denver before so I suppose I can check it off my list!