Thursday, December 2, 2010

Scrooge is in the House

I'm really grouchy today. Here's the thing. It's really cold in my house. And I had to eat a pound of turkey that may have been slightly past it's prime. It was delicious at the time because I paired it with Brie and Cranberry Sauce. Not so delicious anymore. Also, I tried to make an appointment for my pedicure/manicure as a little treat before getting back to the grind on Monday, but apparently everyone and their mom purchased that same Groupon and the salon is booked for 2 weeks out. 2 weeks! 
Dover Saddlery has a few pairs of the TS Lowrise Tailored Sportsman Breeches on sale for $99 (retails for $154- ouch) in several colors including the intriguing Carmel and Moss Sand. I almost lost my head. However they do NOT have any swatch samples of the colors on the website. Or in the catalog. Or in any sort of Google search that I ran. What's a girl to do? "Carmel" is a color that is up for interpretation. I can't be riding around in bright orange breeches. So I did what any fanatic would do. Called up Dover and forced them to search around the website for me. Nope. No help. 
Then I remembered that Christmas is a time for GIVING and that I should not be filling my cart with cheapie breeches. So I added them to my Christmas list in the color that I really want- Charcoal. Paul. 
I almost got a wee little Christmas tree from the corner lot to add a little Christmas cheer to the abode. But then I turned all Scroogey when I realized that with a tree comes lights and ornaments, and would I really want to lug it around with me while I do grocery shopping? And Linus would probably eat it. 
Oh yes. And Redford. The horse that came daringly close to dislocating my shoulder on Sunday, gets to have his back adjusted by a chiropractor tomorrow. Perhaps I would like to have my back adjusted, or possibly a massage. The ungrateful beast. 

But for all this bellyaching the day was not a total bust. I got a space heater!

Taking a photo of Paul while he's looking at photos! Yet another rainy Saturday at SF MOMA.