Monday, January 10, 2011


For a minute I was afraid that with the stress of a new job I was becoming a hoarder. A box showed up last week full of JCrew work pants and it sat unopened for a good 6 days. I usually hear the crunch of the delivery treads on gravel and the box is opened before I reach the front door. Part of my trepidation may have been concern about fit. Pants are really hard to buy online. And I hate to return things. Almost never do. For example, I showed up at the post office last week with a box of riding gear that had been duct taped shut with the packing label artfully applied using Scotch tape. If I have to mail something, I typically show up waving the item at the local Mail Max and someone takes pity and boxes it for me. That could be why it was so expensive to ship my Christmas presents. They tack on extra for peanuts. Foam Peanuts- not even the real things. 
The cold medicine must be working. 
Luckily thanks to my running illness, the pants fit just fine. Off to my next conquest. I will be known in these parts as "The Girl with the Fabulous Outerwear."