Monday, January 31, 2011

I am aware that my fixation may not be normal

Starting in December I embarked on a small journey. A little trip through the World Wide Web with a mission inspired by this. 
What a wonderous carryall tote. The leather handles. All in the details. 
I started by visiting Lands End and LL Bean. While they are the undisputed kings of the canvas tote, there were none with the handles that I desired. Next I tried ebay. I tried googling all manners of keyphrases. In a fit of rage I called LL Bean and demanded that they bring back the leather handles. Finally I conceded and asked Santa for one of these. 
I must have been bad or something because the bag never showed. Luckily. Because when I resumed my search I ran across a delight amongst the website. A tote with leather handles. Sadly in East Lansing Michigan. The owner of this treat only had a phone number listed, so I swallowed my pride and left a message that read something like.....
I hope you don't think I'm crazy, but I really want this tote, and I live in California, and can you ship it please. PLEASE!
And she did.