Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ice Cream on a Thursday

One would think that working with a bunch of women would mean trading diet tips and motivating each other to go to the gym. That is so not the case in my office. The ladies take turns bringing in candy. Our New Years resolution was to ONLY bring food on Fridays. That lasted for a couple of hours until someone snapped and demanded chocolate. 
Yesterday Sandra brought in a bag of mini snickers and a bag of mixed reeces, kitkats, almond joys, hershey bars. They lasted for exactly one day. I arrived at the office this morning to find one lone snicker. I quickly ate it before anyone else could. 
Heather announced at 2 o'clock this afternoon that she was going to get ice cream. She came back 15 minutes later with a tub of vanilla, a tub of mint brownie, chocolate sauce, and a bag of oreos. 
What is going on?