Thursday, January 27, 2011

Not Funny. Not Funny at All.

Andres is the assistant trainer. I ride with him every Tuesday and with Kara on Thursday and Friday. 
This is Andres. Except he no longer has the facial hair. 
The point is that we had a fairly difficult lesson on Tuesday. Poor Andres. He gets me early in the week when I'm tired and crabby. And I gave him such a hard time on Tuesday night that I actually wrote him an email apologizing for all of the backtalk. 
I told him in my that he could build a whole course of those stupidly scary tiny white fences and I wouldn't say a peep. 
Then it turns out Kara's daughter was sick today so I ended up with Andres again. I was not expecting this. 
He set a small course with two sets of regular fences and scattered the scary white gates around the arena. We worked around the scaries and practiced figure eights on the more comfortable jumps. Then the lesson was over. 
He had set those gates out just to mess with me.