Monday, January 24, 2011


Paul has pneumonia. He just found out today after running a fever since Thursday. I had to have the awkward conversation with my neighbor tonight about his dog. More specifically the dog's bark. 
After a good hour of hearing Zeek bark in the backyard this afternoon, Paul went over and asked the maid to put Zeek in his crate. The maid was confused so Paul shoved him in and went home to sleep. 
I had to go explain to Dan why his dog was in the crate. Then Dan asked how the dog interacted with the maid. It was only her second visit, and after the first he noticed an entire box of dog treats gone. I said I would find out from Paul and text him. Paul said the maid was wearing armor. Like 4 pairs of tube socks and several layers of long sleeved shirts. She said Zeek would bite her. Not exactly an easy message to convey in a text. 

And Paul just told me he has an ear infection. 
Off to eat left over beef stew and watch Jersey Shore. 
By the way, I didn't realize how disgusting beef stew looks in photographs until just now. Sorry.