Monday, February 7, 2011

Turbokick Oh Yeah

I have not been to the gym since a week before the wedding. 
After the wedding I was afraid to go because my trainer was stalking me. Or should I say trying to get me to sign up for more personal training sessions. 
My move up to the North Bay came at a good time. I joined 24 hour fitness for no other reason then they have Turbo Kick classes on Monday and Wednesday evening. 
Now when I lived in Arizona I got pretty chubby. Seriously. I have a shameful secret. Sometimes (not often) I would go to Chipotle for lunch and then go for dinner. Only Paul and Nicole know this about me. Nicole's response was, "So?" Not helpful Nicole. 
I started playing tennis in Arizona and then joined the 24 about a half mile from my house. After a few attempts at the elliptical, I sucked up my pride and my tummy and took a Turbo Kick class. I was hooked and went 5 days a week. 
My muscle memory kicked in tonight and I hopped, punched, and kicked by way through class with a big grin on my face. Then I came home and punched Paul- hello! I had to demonstrate my moves. Only kidding.