Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dead Battery

Usually when Paul or I go out of town we park our car up in the tiny carport on front of our house. 
It looks like this, except smaller that it appears in the photo. 
Early in the morning on the first Sunday Paul was out of town I noticed the small light on his driver's side door was on. I went out and tried all manner of tests to get the light off. 
Then, per instructions, I ran the car for 15 minutes on Tuesday and Thursday so the battery wouldn't die until Paul had a chance to fix the light. 
Sure enough I returned home from Trader Joes this morning to find a dead car sitting in the most impossible position to hook up to jumper cables. 
We spent the better half of an hour pushing the car back and forth trying to get it lined up to go down the driveway. Then we worked on twisting it in a way that I could pull my car up next to it. 
No luck. We had to involved the strongest neighbor. Finally we eased Paul's car into the sweet spot. And problem solved. 
The key was strategy.