Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sonoma Horse Park

Big barn move this weekend! I didn't actually do much of anything except observe and drink champagne. 
While not the most beautiful barn on the block, it is open, airy, and each horse has their own outside paddock. 
I saddled Ben up for a jog in the new ring. A few squeals and head tosses at the trot. I was worried he was coiled like a spring to explode when I asked for the canter- but a light touch of the heel and he moved forward into a nice relaxed lope. 
Quite the improvement from the pinned ears, bucking, stickiness that I have been getting lately. 
Then a short trail ride on the grounds with a barn friend. 
Oh- and new hunt coats for the show coming up! Two back to back shows this month. This is the life.