Thursday, May 5, 2011


Have you ever considered that you may be driving around one day and out of the blue get smushed by your airbags?
I have. Because the check airbag light is on in my car. But since it has been on for a little over a year now, I barely ever think about it.
I put new tires on the car today and it was painful. Granted feeling every pebble and pothole is painful too.
Due credit should be given to my Mom since she was the one who actually bought the tires. However that check was written two years ago and at the time was more useful for other endeavors. Thanks Mom!
To be fair, with 165,000 miles to date, the car has made three cross country trips, survived 4 years in outside sales, has carried everything from tack boxes to picnic tables, and is still humming along. And now with these new tires- sheer willpower (powered by me) will keep it running for at least another year. Or at least until December. Because every time it rains the check engine light comes on.

 A shout out to Jade- who reads my blog every morning. Happy Birthday! xoxo