Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Little Girl Who Didn't Fit In

As I was getting ready to watch Rachel and Cerafina in their 1.00 meter jumpers (which they won by the way) my attention was drawn to a commotion in the schooling ring. 
Rachel and Cera
A loud woman (wearing clogs) was shouting at a young girl on a buckskin. "Trot" "Canter" Trot" "Canter" "You're embarrassing me"
Pretty terrible stuff. And the horse kept stopping at the 3ft oxer this "trainer" had set up. 
 Example of what a trainer looks like
A real trainer standing next to the weird lady
I couldn't help but feel a little sad for this girl. I'm sure she traveled to show for the day and had been looking forward to it. Quite a bit of horse showing is actual showmanship and I wonder why her "trainer" didn't sparkle her up a little bit. Loose hair, ill-fitting saddle, tee shirt. It was hard for her to fit in amongst the sea of polished horses and riders. I'm sure she wasn't feeling her best. 
I kept an eye out to see if she'd make it into the ring (her number was on her saddlepad) but I think they gave up. 
 It reminded me of my Circle City and Traders Point shows with Luke. A tiny Paint in a large group of Bays and Grays. At least I had a trainer who kept an eye out for me.