Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I prefer not to wear makeup. If I do (which often I must)- I apply very minimally. Cover up a few imperfections, smile and add blush, attempt to contour with bronzer. But I have put my foot down on the mascara wand. Too often I forget that I have something on my eyes and rub them, so that when I go and look in the mirror at 4pm I see a raccoon staring back.
Epiphany! Do a fabulous lip! Those fat crayons are everywhere. Easy to apply- lots of colors! Visions of the perfect poppy pout. Until Pablo over at Trish McEvoy put the cap on that one. A poppy will bring out too much red in your skin he squealed while smearing plum-brown all over me. 
I purchased the crayon, although not all the way loving it, but figuring that he knew best since he was the expert. 
A girl has got to have multiple color choices depending on her mood so I popped into Sephora and grabbed a Nars "Happy Days" (second down from top- photo credit to
I am certain that there is a perfect poppy out there for me yet. Just keep trying!