Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Serial Birthday Forgetter

Everyone has a shortcoming. Some people are clumsy, some people snort when they laugh (which is actually quite funny). Me? I forget Birthdays. 
I forgot my Dad's birthday just yesterday. 
Here's how it went. I call Dad.
Dad & Em- "Chat Chat Chat..."
Dad- "let me pass you over to Mom." 
Mom- "Did you tell Dad Happy Birthday?"
Em- "Pass the phone back to Dad please"
(keep an eye on the mail Dad!!!!!!)

It's not that I don't have a general idea of when your Birthday might be. Celia's Birthday is in March and I remember this because her middle name is May. Mom's B-day is also in March and I am fairly certain it falls before Celia. Or maybe after. Kate's day is in May because the other two are in March and there's only one sister left. 
Dad's special day is obviously August 30. I remember because it's a few days before mine and I was often made to share a Birthday cake with him. I think we'd both agree that we love cake and having to share was not fair. 

Oddly enough- I happen to know Jade's Birthday- May 5th (actually I just wrote down May 4th then jumped onto Facebook to double check- sorry Jade). 

Oh- and of course Paul is July 22. It might be a Federal Crime if I didn't know that one. 

The point of all this? Be responsible for your own Birthday. Follow my lead. About a month before the big day I start casually reminding people. Throughout the seven day countdown the word Birthday appears in every. single. conversation I have. 

In conclusion- it's my Birthday on Friday