Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's been a couple of days huh? I'll be perfectly honest, I'm in the throes of a nervous breakdown. 
My only saving grace right now is that Paul is not home. Which I know is horrible to say, but he is so damn optimistic. He'd be all like- well at least you don't have hypothermia or something. Then I'd feel like he was downplaying the issues. 
Like when I said on Tuesday that I need to take a break from riding he suggested I take up tennis. Who does that? I would have smacked him had we not been chatting on the phone. 
But enough about Paul. His optimism is why we like him so much. 

So I bought a car. Which is really only fun for about two seconds until you realize that you're now thousands of dollars in debt, you have to make a monthly payment, AND have to pay back the money you borrowed out of the joint account for the down payment. 
Because you don't actually have any money to make a down payment yourself. 

Someone broke into the Escape but didn't actually take anything. I kinda wish they would have so that I wouldn't have had to clean it out tonight. Total joke. I think they were just looking for money because they left the two North Face jackets that were in plain view in the backseat. I can't figure out how they got in except that I left it unlocked. Very responsible. 
And I got a ticket for not having my license plate on the front of the car. The sad thing is- well two sad things- I am trading it in TOMORROW and I have the stupid plate, I just never put it on. $93. 

And Ben has sold. I got the news while on BART Tuesday morning which was actually a bonus because as I was crying the other riders became freaked out and shuffled away- more room for me!
I wasn't actually crying about Ben- he's going to stay in the barn and have a new little owner, Porter (girl) to love on him. 
So I had resigned myself to taking a break from riding. Refer back to the car and money situation. 
I rode Spring today because Ben had his hocks done (meaning injections to lube up his joints a little bit). Kara and I were chatting about possible scenarios. Turns out the owners of Spring are going to give her away. Let's think on this a moment. Free horse. Perspective: Ben = $25,000 = more than my car. 
Let's stab me in the heart a little bit more. Can I have this free horse? Yes- she's free. She can live in the backyard and eat grass. 
But the question to ask is why free? I guess she's got a mean buck (I've never seen it) and is a little bit of a project. So what? Luke was a project and he turned out great! 
So then I'm thinking- ok- pasture board (instead of stall), pull the back shoes off, skip full care. How do we make this work. But it can't. And I am very sad.

Hopefully there is some humor hidden in here somewhere. If you find it, please let me know.