Thursday, October 6, 2011

Christmas Plans- Start Making Them

Got a pretty good deal on my flight to and from Cleveland for the Holidays. We won't talk numbers, but I snatched that thing right up. Non-stop window seat- this is high style for holiday travel. But now I jinx myself and will end up getting delayed for like 15 days. 

I'm going home for a whole 5 days. Mom was like- that seems so short. For those of us with two weeks of vacation time, 5 days is an eternity. 
Mom said that she wasn't sure she'd be able to have a full Christmas tree with Mo (cat terror) around. I'm not sure that will sit too well with Kate and Celia who are rather fanatical about Christmas. 
I am looking forward to seeing my family. Of course I always love spending the Holiday with Paul's wonderful relatives- but there's something about those special little Holiday traditions. 
Like seeing Rugby, Apple, Mew, and the rest of the gang on The Christmas Toy. Sometimes I just start singing "Meteora....." even in the middle of summer!