Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Four Freakin Dollars

Today was going to be a great day. Until I dumped coffee all over myself at 8:15am. 

By midday the coffee had dried but the stains still remained. What to do? Probably best to go get a new outfit to wear. I went to "old faithful," JCrew, and they had nothing. And the sales girls weren't even nice. 

Little did I know that fate was leading me to the Gap. Why would that be so exciting? Because everything on their sale rack was four freakin dollars. $4. 

I've been all over those maxi skirts- my client has one for $268, which I tried on and it was a foot too long. Yes- let me pay an exorbitant price and then get it hemmed. 
My co-worker got hers from Vickies for $50 so I had been contemplating that route. 

But I got my black one for $4. 
The photo is so small because I had to pull the image from another website. Gap had sold out of these skirts online. Squee! 
Perfect new excuse-  I spilled coffee on myself (although it would be more believable if I had actually purchased a whole outfit and worn it home,  not just worn my ruined dress all day and toted in my carrier bags).