Monday, October 24, 2011

Little Treats

Every now and then I get a small treat at work. Learning a bit of sparkle about someone. 
Last week I met with a new client and found out that she not only lives in Piedmont (just round the corner), but horseback rides at Sonoma Horse Park, AND rides Spring mare every Monday. Huh. 
Today I asked a client why she had a dozen red roses on her counter. They were from an ex-fiance. An ex-fiance she had 45 years ago. They had dated and gotten engaged while in college in Massachusetts. The engagement was broken because he flunked out of college and was told by parents to get his life back on track. They went their separate ways, Bobby stayed in Mass while Sharon moved to the Bay Area, both married and then divorced. Then out of the blue she got a phone call from Bobby. He had been thinking about her for 45 years and it took him 5 years to work up the courage to make the call. She had saved all of the letters he had written her from when they were dating. She owns a book store and he is a psychotherapist. He is coming to visit in December in hopes of wooing her back to Massachusetts to live with him. She's 68 and is going to do it. In her words- "what do I have to lose?" Love story!