Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas List Blues

What's wrong with me? Do I have a fever? Have I become an alien from Mars?
I've been getting the usual parade of emails asking me to provide Christmas lists. In nagging Paul to send me his list, I've only recently discovered that I have simply been deflecting my own lack of desire to get a list together. I don't actually want anything. 
For years I had thought that Paul's lack of interest in creating fun, nonsensical Christmas lists was because he was a man. But that's not the reason at all. It's because he's old. And now I'm old too. 
I've long given up the desire for any surprise gifts. My lists are usual organized with product ID codes, color, size, and a direct link to buy. And normally I have a list in mind by December 26th for the coming Christmas. 
Where are the Uggs that I'm coveting? The jewelry, purses, and trinkets? I think we actually need a new vacuum. That is so boring!
I think longingly back to a Christmas a few years ago, when I opened my rabbit fur hat from Irma. I stroked it lovingly and glanced up to amused stares. "What are you going to do with that," Paul asked. I don't know. I just wanted it. 
My lists have changed from things that I want to things that I need. Fortunately most of the things I need are still fun! Stay tuned for sneak peeks!