Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Little Swimmers

Not another Emersonmade post....

Fueled by liquid speed (Americano, splash of half and half, 2 splenda), a 20% off discount code good through November 7th, and a gift certificate from last Christmas....

It's so hard. All of her stuff is so cute. And so expensive. To hear me talk you think I'd be living in Emersonmade. In reality- I have one clutch (wedding purchase) and one tee shirt.

The best part about the whole thing. She now has stuff on SALE. O.M.G.
I alllmmmooosssttt got a belt along with my purchase. But at the last minute I deleted it from my cart. Like moments. Because it wasn't on sale. What can I say- I love a bargain. And it was a belt that cost $98. Who really needs that? Restraint I say. 
No to belts. 

Instead I got......
Tiny Swimmers!
Ta da! And silk no less. 
An ode to Paul. He is also a swimmer. 

This is not a Madewell episode. As much as I wanted this
 And this
 And these (a bag of turtlenecks- genius)
They remained out of my cart. Until November 1 2012 when armed with a discount code and certificate, I will shop again.