Thursday, November 3, 2011

Salmon Burgers and Snark

I stopped by Trader Joes on the way home for some protein (hey- veggies and protein- it's the way I roll) and I ran into some amazing looking salmon burgers. 
My Dad used to make salmon burgers and they were delish. 

I also ran into a sad, sad lady buying a bottle of wine. Hey- I've been there. I have totally walked out of Trader Joes with a bottle of wine, a bag of cheesepuffs, and a bar of chocolate. No judgement here. 
The sad thing was that she was wearing a suit. I feel bad for anyone who has to go to work in a suit. I personally think a pencil skirt and blazer should do the trick. But it wasn't just the suit, which by the way was forest green. The real offense was in her accessories. Cherry red toenails, pinkish shoes (which were scratty), burgundy silk button down (no shape- not sharp), and weird burgundy earrings. 
And ratty hair. 
Two things to say about this. One. It's fine to be monochromatic- but for gods sake- a green suit with red embellishments looks like Christmas. And if you do need to do red, please choose matching colors. Two. I don't pretend to make much of an effort. But the goal is always to look effortless. Clearly she made an effort and it didn't work out. Which in my opinion is worse than making no effort at all. 

Clearly it has been a tough week. Paul and I are going to watch programs, eat Kale (blech) and salmon burgers.