Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year GOALS

Paul always makes me eat beans on New Year's Day for good luck. We've got chili on the docket for Sunday.
I've always been opposed to New Years resolutions. Silly. Like if a person needs to make a change in their life- why not just do it rather than waiting until January 1st. So instead of setting a bunch of resolutions (which- let's be honest- can be easily ignored)- I'm setting 2012 goals. And sharing them (which will either make me more accountable or shame me in the end). 
Goal 1:
Do one pull-up (translates to "get fit")
Action plan: Go to the gym at least 6 times per week. Every week. Preferably in the morning. Or evening. Whenever. 
Goal 2: 
Get skinny like the Olsen Twins (love them). Or just fit into pants. (translates to "eat less food")
Action plan: Eat breakfast (fine Mom). Do not buy cheese puffs at store. 
Goal 3:
Rock Climb at Yosemite (translates to "nothing- it's a sweet goal")
Action plan: Get lead certified. Take lots of falls. Be brave. 
Goal 4: 
Buy a horse (I can hear my mother sigh as she reads this)(translates to "save more money")
Action Plan: Purchase lottery tickets weekly. 

I believe that all of these goals can be achieved fairly easily by simply packing my lunch in my new fancy lunchbox (purchased before Goal #4 was in place). 
Good luck me! And Happy New Year!