Wednesday, January 18, 2012

In the Tub with Boots

Nope. These are not the La Mundials. These are Ariat Challenge II boots. 
I booked my tickets to Ocala to visit Erin and the Gang. Well rats. The new boots aren't coming until March 1. And that's if I'm lucky. What to do? 
So I took my old Ariat Challenges to Equestrian Concerige to see if Ashley couldn't fix them up for me. At least make them passable.

These things are torn up. They'd need patching, new zippers (again), laces (which had rotted away), soles. All for a cool $200. Considering I paid $350 SIX YEARS AGO, trying to fix them up didn't seem like to wisest decision. So I suggested just buying the entry level Ariats (Heritage). No No No. Those boots are like cardboard. So as luck would have it, Ashley had a pair of Challenges that she wanted to move so she offered a deal. Thanks to my "big boned" calves, the boots didn't quite zip. Then, because it was "the right thing to do," the lovely Ash ordered a pair from Ariat in "wide" at the same cost. I mean really? How often is it that you can snag a pair of Ariats below retail? Like never. Unfortunately they still don't want to zip, so I am resigned to evenings spent in the shower dousing them with hot water until the leather stretches. Woe is me. Wink Wink.